Blockchain Stakeholder Communications

Blockchain Stakeholder Communications

As a company utilising the Blockchain, you want to give your users regular, concise updates that keep them informed, without causing the kind of confusion that leads to fud and instability. That’s a hard line to walk in the relatively new space of crypto.

Now you can communicate professionally with your users and prospective clients, by utilising a top tier communications service, provided by a senior finance industry communications specialist, working closely with you to package fresh shards of information you’re bringing back to the public from your crypto coal face.

As a packaged service with use case-dependent tiers, Blockchain Stakeholder Communications takes the rough information that you provide about your ICO, ATO, tokens, exchange or crypto currency—including launches, updates, impediments, and general management of stakeholder expectations — working  with you to output a highly polished English language version of your comms on time at the needed cadence.  For many of my clients who do business internationally, these comms become a golden master for LOTE translations.

User and Stakeholder communications are the oft-neglected tip of your sales spear, setting the tone and voice of your entire operation through the regular drumbeat of campaign drops and operational updates. The right tone of voice here establishes your legitimacy in the space, while precise and honest content ensures stakeholder trust.

The right messaging puts a professional shine on your customer-facing surfaces that can only come from consistency and attention to detail. Let a strong, professional message be your leading edge with stakeholders, and reach those prospects who are wise to marketing/PR speak. Future proof your pitch to the man or woman who researches this material more deeply to get a feel for your thinking as a business.

I’ve personally been in the crypto space since 2014, and utilised blockchain in any way I could find—to look for opportunities, and just to try out the technical possibilities. To ensure that your stakeholders aren’t getting the fly-by-night salesman approach, as your communications manager I will be an ambassador for your product, and a knowledgeable spokesperson.

I have ten years experience as a communications manager for global SaaS products, and six years in crypto specifically. I’ve provided incident communication services and operational campaigns such as feature launches, maintenance plans, and translating technical documents, eg white papers and roadmaps, into client-friendly language.

I specialise in user-friendly and engaging language, working recently with a range of overseas companies looking to ensure a sophisticated approach to their English language comms.

For a brief, earnest discussion on what I can provide to your org, and a no BS assessment of how much it will hurt the wallet—without the endless sales script—contact me.