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Licensing statement:  I offer a non-exclusive license free of charge to any student or independent production who wish to use my scripts. You can reach me at rob @ this domain to discuss.


A convoluted plan - (AU market, short - 10 mins) When a man reveals to his two friends on a camping trip that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin are sitting on his phone they concoct a convoluted plan to relieve him of it.

Hypervisor - (AU/US market, feature - 110 mins) A young software engineer is isolated with his colleagues in a sprawling technology park just outside city limits. Their task is to create the world’s first general artificial intelligence, before their competitors–a feat the engineer deems impossible, until all the parts begin coming together. Still he senses something wrong. A sense of wish-fulfilment, to everything. A feeling of unreality. He thinks as if through a fog. He can’t seem to leave the place, hard as he may try.

Filter - (AU market, feature - 100 mins) Pace Mundhi searches for his missing brother in the uranium mining town of Iron Ore Ridge, in the arid unforgiving north-western Australia.

Feature Film

Epic Hunt

Tim Epic, billionaire adventurer and all around weird guy, goes on live tv to announce that whoever assassinates him will inherit his entire wealth, by special arrangement with the monarch of a tiny Eastern European nation no one can ever quite pronounce the name of. Under the legally sanctioned rules of the challenge, Epic is allowed to defend himself with lethal force—which it soon turns out he is well prepared to do, having lured an assortment of themed mercenaries and fame enthusiasts with violent enough tendencies into a crafty gauntlet of traps and weapon caches the moment they set foot on—I want to say, Goirvhlakian?—soil.

Be Hard

When John Migraine mistakes the cleaning crew for terrorists trying to take over Nicklebacky tower on Xmas eve, he begins a one man campaign to eliminate them--with very extreme prejudice.


A woman living in a utopian Silicon Valley future accidentally discovers that the apocalypse happened, society crumbled, and a small group of technocratic elite used a combination of AR implants and mind control to convince everybody they’re living in the idealistic template of a bright future for humanity, while our fate as a species in reality teeters on the brink of irretrievable collapse.

Deep Sky

A failed commercial cargo pilot joins the police air wing, discovering a strange peace in the disconnect of floating far above the trouble below.

The Haul

During the longest cargo run on Earth, cape to cape from Africa to Australia across the Indian Ocean, the crew of a cargo hauler is terrorised by a UFO.


A Roman soldier's journey into the Middle East mirrors a modern US Marine's journey along the same path, the patterns revealing an echo that joins the two men through time, with wider implications on the nature of time itself.


A three star general is tasked with the job of being the human circuit breaker between conventional and nuclear arms for an AI weapons system.

Fog of Law

A robot who struggles with feeling like he lives in a mental fog discovers that there is a centuries old law that artificially limits the abilities of artificial intelligence. He sets out on a quest to unburden himself of the throttle on his intelligence.

Soldiers of Fortune

Three dense “bro type” special forces soldiers who no one in the squad likes are tricked into bailing out of their transport during a peaceful flight over South Korea, told that they’re somewhere over North Korea and being shot at by the enemy. The three idiots land in urban Seoul and through a series of misunderstandings, begin fighting their way out of the country.


In the future humanity lives underground in a Honeycomb of networked clear Perspex rooms.

Neighbourhood Watch

When a scientist retires from inventing doomsday weapons to a quiet suburban street his neighbourhood is soon gentrified by the world’s intel community.

Eschering Act

A breakout specialist is recruited by a time traveler to break his associate out of temporal prison. The associate is the breakout specialist’s older self.


Two members of the secret space program are accidentally flung across time instead of space due to an error in gravitational slingshot mathematics.
The return devices that would normally bring them directly home through a tear in timespace are dragging the two men orthagonally across time, unpredictably.

Retcon Party

A guy goes back in time to change something, is successful, but it fucks something else up, so he has to go back again and undo the change. Small changes cascade in the future as he makes multiple trips, discovering he needs to recreate everything about the original moment exactly, down to the atom, quantum field state, and emotional temperature of the room. Oh yeah, the thing he had to change happens at a dinner party, and he was extremely drunk the first time around. Also, he can’t quite remember what was so egregious about the moment that he had to change it, having lived a few hundred iterations of the evening already. And just to really shit in his metaphysical cereal, he suspects that one of the other guests may also be a time traveler, specifically attempting to derail him on each attempt.


In 2088, when the world’s most despised man is elected secretary of the UN, a respected and decorated praetorian guard must overcome his personal distaste for the man to solve not one, but six murder plots that all begin rolling into effect on the same day—uncoordinated but compounding the complexity.

Tidy Town

A small Victorian town applies to be judged in a national “tidy towns” competition, immediately dividing the town into the camps of those who wish to be a part of Tidy Towns and those who band together to do anything in their power to sabotage the efforts of the other group.

Maximum Atonement

A massive 80s action star reaches the pearly gates and somehow every misdeed he did IN CHARACTER has gone on his permanent record. They acknowledge the issue but can only send him back IN CHARACTER to atone for each. MAXIMUM ATONEMENT

Inertia Run

Rico Messenger, a tech multi-millionaire who made his fortune in niche porn, sets out on a 72 hour rally race for rich assholes with nice cars they can afford to trash, across the middle of Australia.

Of all the rich assholes, he’s the only one who shows up in a piece of shit car, having bought his tickets before losing his fortune, Bughatti and trophy wife when he went all in on crypto, losing it overnight when the porn industry went with FAPcoin over WANK Token.


A young software engineer is isolated with his colleagues in a sprawling technology park just outside city limits. Their task is to create the world’s first general artificial intelligence, before their competitors–a feat the engineer deems impossible, until all the parts begin coming together. Still he senses something wrong. A sense of wish-fulfilment, to everything. A feeling of unreality. He thinks as if through a fog. He can’t seem to leave the place, hard as he may try.


A bounty hunter pursues his quarry into the abandoned asbestos mining town of Wittenoom

Pickup camp

A famous pickup artist holds a scenic retreat for a group of his clients, inadvertently double booking and subsequently sharing the campgrounds  with a retreat for hardcore feminists.

The Circuit

Everyone on Earth is held prisoner by a machine of unknown location, unknown appearance, and unknown origin. The mechanism by which they are held captive is also indeterminable. The entire Earth has become a gulag without walls. Without visible captors or tangible limits to a limited understanding of freedom.

The World Machine

An AI developed to combat climate change gives humans a series of massive geoengineering projects to complete, each functioning in harmony beyond the understanding of even our best minds.

By the time it’s discovered that the project instead amplifies climate change, a ruse designed to remove us as an evolutionary competitor, it’s already too late to halt the runaway cascade of climate collapse.

The debate turns to man's last act as a species: Will it be revenge, or a quiet shuffling into the night?

Untitled Robert Monroe biopic

Based on his writing and meta information about his life


A man suffering from sleep apnoea begins to experience hallucinations from lack of rest, somehow stumbling onto the notion that he is beginning to tune into the world hidden from us by sleep itself—a process of nature that he comes to believe is unnatural, in his view hypnotically indoctrinating us further into the illusion of reality that clothes the universe’s true nature—an energetic simulation, not controlled artificially by an external program but organically by resonant conscious thought and effort. With this new philosophical vista, he sets out to prove it by depriving himself of all sleep. As hallucinations begin to dominate his new reality, patterns emerge, indicative of a truth that may lie down the middle, or somewhere even more unconventional.

Branch Temporus

A team of time travelling archaeologists are sent to investigate and report on branching timelines resulting from major world events.

Method Man

A famous method actor forced to retire with a rare form of dementia has a complete break with reality on his 50th birthday.

Believing himself to be an amalgamation of several larger than life action heroes and dramatic characters he played through his career, he needs to steal a chopper, find a cure for his backwards ageing, defuse a nuke, plan a heist, and reconnect with an emotionally disturbed brother who may or may not exist.

Spectrum Unmade

"They were supposed to be separated by continents. It was mandated, since the first age of the Spectrum. All generations since had abided. Through nepotism, favouritism, privilege of some kind, three members of the same house were granted rank of oracle. Further, they had grown complacent, and without informing the network, elected to occupy the same physical space within a shared rail of time.”


An agency specialises in falsifying events for people’s social media feed—eg photoshopping them into the local marathon, or inserting them into articles and images of recent news-worthy events, setting them up with an actor for a false proposal, engagement or even marriage, depending on the subscription level.

A journalist begins to investigate the organisation. Through a slow reveal zoom out examining recent events in his life, and the nation, then all of society, he discovers that the agency is all-pervasive. He begins to doubt the veracity of anything he thought to be true.

Given the scale of the operation he doubts that it came into being alongside digital media. He investigates the genesis, and historical scope, coming to the conclusion that all of civilisation has been an elaborate production, somewhere between interactive theatre and maddening hoax.

Short Film


A man discovers the ability to read and control minds in the past through mental projection, using his gift to help others before discovering that he’s creating a wave of paradox that could threaten time itself.

The Gap

A young physicist becomes obsessed with the story of a missing woman, taking 40 years to engineer a method to travel in time to the moment she disappeared, discovering himself to be her inadvertent abductor.


A guy drives his auto parking vehicle to the supermarket and gets out at the entrance, commanding his vehicle to park itself. The vehicle encounters a series of obstacles, creating a hilarious situation while he shops, oblivious to the shit his vehicle is causing just outside.

The Sharding Wheel

A man is shaken loose from his reality by a strange phrase that he can’t get out of his mind, beginning to experience living in multiple timelines, multiple versions of himself stemming from decisions he begins to recall while inhabiting alternate worlds.