Diamond Hands
[Co-creator, writer, producer]

David Diamond Hands is a 10 part series about the lengths a young man will go to for a password when he discovers a lost Bitcoin wallet on an old laptop

F1 News
[Creator, writer, producer]

Legitimate F1 News is the only F1 news parody channel willing to read Helmut Marko’s autobiography, A Helmet For Helmut

[Creator, writer, producer]

Das Boatenstuffen part one and part two follow a Captain who goes out there to submarine as hard as he can every day, even if it’s for the losing side. When he gets behind the wheel of that submarine, it’s just him, the open water, and three hundred crew.

Film Review
[Creator, writer, producer, performer]

In Blade Runner 2099, Ryan Gosling plays Roy Gobling, a special half-human half-robot cop designed to hunt down the worst scum of society: Climate change deniers. In Tenant, Denzel Washington’s future dad plays David Tenant, a timecop from the past whose future is very intriguing.

Age of
[Creator, writer, producer, performer]

What if I told you that every day you’re throwing away perfectly good food? No, don’t go and check, just take my word for it—I’m trying to make a point. This is a hard hitting piece of legitimate investigative journalism, and if you’re not informed about these things people will think you’re a dumb shit. And they’d be right. Watch Age of Succulence now!

Battle of

Battle of Amsterdam is a science fiction novel set 150 years in Earth’s future, at a time when humanity is just beginning to explore the stars.

Neil Versus
[Author, producer]

In a world that’s given up its agency to AI middle managers, Neil Versus Artificial Intelligence tells the story of a man who has had enough.

[Co-creator, writer, editor]

Honeycomb reveals a hidden threat to humanity in the form of an inter-dimensional presence, and the elite team of high tech soldiers assembled to fight it.

[Co-creator, writer, editor]

Erasmus explores the future struggle of genetically enhanced soldiers re-integrating into society.

Tempus Circa
[Creator, animator, producer]

In Tempus Circa, the robot Circa is sent back in time to witness the true history of humanity firsthand.