Another Procreate + Diffusitron Process Video – Passenger

Here’s another 20ish minute sketch process with Procreate and Diffusitron, all on iPad, no need to shuffle devices.

We’re calling this one Passenger for reasons that will become obvious as the sweet guitar licks of Powderfinger bring you back to Big Day Out ’96 and you begin to remember how your friend found some better people to hang out with and ditched you, someone threw a shoe that hit you in the ear, and you had to ride a giant man out of the mosh pit to escape the event.

I think this is a good example of how a concept artist can continuously reroll an initial rough concept sketch with Diffusitron, looking for interesting variations on a theme, then play with the smaller details, and find a lot of broader adjustments in the final colour grading for lighting, atmosphere and tone.