David Diamond Hands

Around two years ago, a guy named Brian pinged me on Twitter (as it was still called at the time) where I posted a lot about Bitcoin and screenwriting. Brian wanted me to help write a show for streaming media about crypto, specifically a guy losing his wallet or seed phrase and having to go on an adventure to find it again.

We got together across several months and plotted out the show, I wrote some draft scripts and we went back and forth tweaking the plot and style, one of those collaborations that barely feel like work because you’re having so much fun talking about the details.

After about 6 months a crew was formed and the roles were cast, and while I went about my normal day to day marketing duties here in Melbourne these guys pulled off a nigh-impossible shoot in Austin, Texas.

The end result is our 10 part series David Diamond Hands, now streaming on a platform near you.